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True Tales of College Golf
Author: Frank E. Landrey
Price: $15.00
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My name is Frank Landrey. The past twelve years before retiring in July of 2004 I coached golf at Liberty University. Many things happened during that time that found their way into a 250 page book which I titled True Tales of College Golf.

I poured out my heart on the "issues of the heart" for a Christian who finds himself in an unlikely place of leadership. With very little budget and lots of questions, I set out on a journey to "chase the dream" as they call it in coaching. This chase brings me to a place of accomplishment becoming the first team in Liberty history to make the NCAA post season madness by way of a season earned NCAA pick. While Liberty has had a lot of teams go to the NCAA through being a conference champion none had taken the step the way we did it. Many firsts occurred during these golf team van trips with me driving five guys around the country to play a few rounds of golf, eat some meals, and have shared experiences. I tell about some of those "shared experiences" which included pranks played on the "OLE" coach by his crusty golfers. I share the ups and downs of coaching like what happens with anger, cursing, and drinking problems at Liberty. Having the golf program dropped along with another sport during a financial crunch is discussed in detail along with the its resurrection. I talk about something we all want to do at times -- quitting. At the end of most chapters there are seven things listed that relate to the previous topic. We all have these chapter topics come in our lives maybe not as a golf coach but as a parent or business person. More ideas on how to deal them is not a bad thing.

One reason I retired in 2004 was to finish this book and reacquaint myself with family life. Publishing a book has been a real experience and that is discussed, too. In fact, I have jumped from the frying pan into the stove in many respects. Publishing a book was something I always wanted to do but like becoming a golf coach writing a book about college golf had no place in my thoughts until I heard our track coach speak in 2003 at one of our Flames Booster Club luncheons. He said I am asking for God's Divine Intervention for us to win our tenth straight conference championship. As the Lord would have it I spoke next and said that I too wanted Divine Intervention to win my first Big South Championship and to go to our first NCAA East Regional Championship. However, as often is the case Divine Intervention did happen but not the way I imagined. In fact, I tell about the unbelievable things that happen every time I prayed for Divine Intervention at the Big South Championship. I found out that God was not my good luck charm.<br><br>
Anyway, I tell all this to ask for your support in my self-published book's "coming out" party. I need a lot of people to buy the book to pay some bills. I also want folks to read my "true tales" for fun and relaxation.
Of course, there is a spiritual dimension to my book being Liberty is distinctly Christian in its very nature and for the fact that Dr. Jerry Falwell started the school in 1971 to build what he calls Champions for Christ. I wanted to do my part and become a trusted partner in his life's calling from Lynchburg, Virginia. Oh yes, I tell how someone comes to move 640 miles to a place where his family knew no one.
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